Monday, November 7, 2011

Thanksgiving Banner

Grayson has me up extra early this morning so I am drinking coffee and working on a Thanksgiving banner for my sister. The one in the photo is mine, hers will say "Grateful." Pretty appropriate given she has a sweet little addition joining our Thanksgiving table this year.
These banners are pretty simple and very inexpensive to make.

burlap- I got half a yard to be safe, but I have made two with that
hot glue gun
letter stamps
acrylic paint, I used black

First, cut a triangle out of paper the size that you want for the banner. Mine are about 4 inches long, but I will do a much bigger one for Christmas and use the word "Noel." I think it depends on how long your word is and the space it will be hung.
After you cut your triangles out you can start stamping the letters on. I used a tiny leaf cookie cutter for the side triangles on my sisters. Once the paint is dry you can start gluing. Just glue the triangle onto the twine and fold over to attach it to itself. Remember to leave room on the ends to hang.
Happy November!!
P.S. I thought this would be a nice teacher gift as we are so thankful for our good teachers!

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  1. This is wonderful! I love the blog. Great idea, M!