Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thanksgiving Napkin Rings

Amongst the sea of canned pumpkin, crinkled up recipes from years ago, foil pans, good china and autumn scented candles I sat with Emma this afternoon, drank tea (you must try candy cane green tea from Trader Joe's, it's decaf, great for those tea loving kids like mine) and made napkin rings to be used at our Thanksgiving dinner. With lots of anticipation for Thursday I look forward to all the days leading up to the big day just as much. I love all the preparation and cooking with my family more than anything. Today I feel blessed for such an amazing family. A husband I can call my best friend, babies that bring me utter happiness, a sister who knows me better than I know myself, brothers who I always will look up to, parents who show me so much love to this day and all my in-laws on both sides who were meant to be a part of my family even when we didn't know each other. I am thankful for them all.
Now to the napkin rings.

What you need:

pipe cleaner

We used brown beads and brown pipe cleaner. I also used a few leaf shaped buttons that I had found in our trinket box. Thread your beads on the pipe cleaner and twist off leaving a circle big enough to pull your napkin through. If you have space you can just twist the remaining pipe cleaner around it self, if not just snip it off. That's all. Very simple and I think that came out looking pretty nice.

Enjoy and I wish you all many thankful's in your life.

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