Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Homemade Gifts- Toddler Chef

We finished our gift for a sweet little one year old today. We made a box full of bakery fun!
First I made the sweetest little felt cookies. I do not like to sew, but these are very simple and easy to do with felt sheets and an embroidery needle and thread. I cut out rounds of felt, different toppings and used cotton balls to fill them. We got a simple box that Emma painted polka dots on using the cap to a water bottle. We found a teeny tiny apron at the fabric store and an adorable apple applique that is just an iron on...so simple! Emma did the same polka dots on the apron with fabric paint.

Lastly I added a couple little wood tools, wooden spoons, measuring spoons and a bottle of sprinkles that I emptied and added tissue confetti to. Is this cute or what!? Perfect for the sweet one year old in your life.

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