Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Little Brother Gift- Race Car Derby

Recently when browsing the local hardware store the kids became fascinated with dryer vent. They would drop anything they could get their hands on down the tubes and laugh hysterically as the items came flying out the other side.  I made a mental note of this for when it came time to make our Christmas gifts.
Without a plan Emma and I got to work on Grayson's Christmas gift from his big sister. We had foam board, masking tape, 1 tube of dryer vent, a cutting knife and markers. A race car derby was in our future.
First we folded the foam board in half and traced the dryer vent openings twice on each side. the holes need to be lined up, so cutting out the first side works best. Next use the cutting knife to cut the holes out, they need to be a bit larger then the outline, so cut around the line. Now the fun part for your little ones....time to decorate. Use markers to make it special and fun for the gift receiver. We stuck with the car theme. Cut the dryer vent in half and put through the foam board. On the back use masking tape to secure the tubes in place and additional masking tape to hold your foam board in half. That's all, time to race! We included a couple of cars from Grayson's car collection in the gift, after all he is one and will not think twice about the re-gifted cars.

Grayson was still napping when we finished...perfect time to test out our derby!! It was so much fun that Emma asked if we could give it to him early, but we decided hiding it in the closet until Christmas was best.

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