Friday, December 9, 2011

Nativity Set

Emma and I finished our wooden peg nativity sets yesterday. I have to say it was the most enjoyable afternoon sitting outside painting our little peg people while Grayson played in the yard. I only had to pull the baby Jesus out of his mouth one time, I consider that a successful afternoon of crafting.
What we used:
wooden peg people ( I ordered them online at Casey's Wood, but Micheal's carries these as well)
paints (we used liquid water colors)
felt or foam sheets
milk carton
tissue paper

We painted our people first. Emma was ecstatic she got to use my "big girl water colors" as she calls them.  We painted on the clothing and hair, but used sharpies for the faces. For the angel wings we used a silver glitter foam sheet and for the lambs ears we used a black foam sheet and attached both with tacky glue. We wrapped baby Jesus in a felt blanket. For my stable I found an old Melissa & Doug food crate we had and for Emma's we cut a milk carton in half using the top potion. We attempted to paint it brown, which didn't work so well and ended up sticking tissue paper squares to it.

These are so special to us especially because we made them together. I will be saving Emma's set for a very long time.

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