Friday, December 30, 2011

New Years Eve Fun!

 We had a wonderful visit with my very sweet and very creative sister-in-law, Alicia, over the holiday break. Emma adores her and I do too! Isn't it wonderful when you get married and you get so many other lovely people that jump into your life along with the awesome husband!
Alicia made this adorable candy necklace with Emma. She used chocolate wheels covered in sprinkles and threaded them onto yarn. They are so pretty. I thought they would be much better to wear on New Years Eve instead of the usual celebratory plastic beads. We shall see if they make it to midnight.

 Now that we are dressed for the party, we can't forget the noise makes. As if I don't have enough noise makers in this house already, I decided to load them up and allow them to be even louder on the last day of a great year.
We filled cans, plastic eggs and cups with dried beans and peas. Then sealed them with masking or duct tape. For the plastic cup we added some pretty trinkets since it is clear and we also covered the top with aluminum foil before covering with tape to make it that much louder.
We are all set for our big celebration tomorrow. It has been such a wonderful year and I look forward to another beautiful year with this family! Love you all more than words can describe.
Happy New Year my friends! Wish you all many blessings and much love in 2012!
green owl mama

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