Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sensory art with toothpaste! What?

So, I have to tell you when Emma saw me break out two tubes of toothpaste for our recent project she was very intrigued as to what was to come. When I squeezed it all into a ziplock bag and told her the bag was to stay shut she was very disappointed. I am sure she was hoping for some messy, mixing, slime sort of afternoon.
I continued to lay out glass stones, plastic sea animals and shells and left her to figure out the rest. She began to squish and feel the toothpaste through the bag. Stopped for a moment to complain that this was a really boring project. She continued to set up an ocean setting, then had a little sea animal party. Complained a little more; this time not looking up from her bag of toothpaste. Soon she ditched the animals and used the glass stones to make different mosaic pictures. She was so proud of these she had me take photos each time she finished. After dinner and a bath she was back to it and the pictures were getting more and more elaborate. She's pretty bored I guess.
I have left this out for two days now and it continues to get used in different ways.
I love to bore my children and allow them to dig deep into their imaginations for the real fun. That's when things get most exciting.