Sunday, March 11, 2012

Flash Cards

I really can not even comprehend that we are months away from starting kindergarten. Where has the time gone? I remember Emma's first steps like it was yesterday. That feels so cliche to say, reminds me of every older woman that I run into at the grocery store that tells me to cherish each moment because time goes way too fast. Well, I am starting to feel that fast clock move and it is scary. If only someone would have figured out that freezing time thing by now.

In preparation for kindergarten we made some fun flash cards to practice math with. I found this cute box of note cards and wrote numbers on them with a black sharpie. Emma found and counted out all the trinkets (coins, buttons, stickers, googly eyes) and we glued them on our note cards. This is a great visual learning tool and best of all Emma enjoys playing with them. 

Now I am off to cherish these moments, they go by fast, you know?
Happy Sunday!
green owl mama


  1. Super cute! I agree where did the time go? Zoe starts kindergarten this fall too - CRAZY!