Thursday, March 22, 2012

Super Snow review

I have been meaning to try Super Snow by DuneCraft for awhile now and finally did the other day.
Wow! We have been missing out! Super Snow is a wonderful product that allows children to explore, pretend and have quite the sensory experience.

  All you do is add a tablespoon of Super Snow to 32oz. of water and stir. It instantly becomes thicker and thicker and has a really neat sparkle to it, like real snow. Emma had has much fun making it as she did playing with it.

 After pretending it was real snow with her polar bear figurines in tow she grabbed some kitchen tools and it became her batter as she was transformed to a chef.

We eventually added some liquid watercolors and did some color mixing. Her final color was purple and she was more than thrilled when I suggested she take a little to school for show and tell that day.

I love products that get kids using their imaginations and asking lots of questions. Super Snow seemed to have endless possibilities for Emma and it was so simple to make, plus non toxic. We will definitely be doing this again very soon. What a fun way to fill several afternoons (day four and it's still out and getting used.) If you are afraid of a little mess this may be an outside adventure for you. I just laid a big tablecloth down to catch the fallen snow.
Check out DuneCraft to get your own Super Snow!

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  1. We were playing with this in preschool a couple weeks ago. We gave the kids a family of penguins to play with. When it was time to change the sensory tub, Anthony helped me empty it out into a container to save. The teacher had used the same snow last apparently it keeps well!