Friday, April 6, 2012

The Rustic, Egg Carton Easter Egg

Here it is, the last alternative to plastic eggs that will be joining our Easter egg hunt this year. I did it, no plastic eggs will be attending.  These eggs made out of egg cartons have a great rustic look and are so fun to crack open and find a treat.
egg carton
paint brushes
hot glue

                     1. Cut the egg carton domes out, so you will have twelve half egg shapes.

 2. Have the kids decorate them in whichever way they please. We used paints, but you could certainly use markers, glitter glue or whatever their little hearts desire.

 3. Once they are all decorated; wait until the children are asleep and fill them with the goodies of your choice. Close them up with hot glue. Just a few drops here and there will hold it together and allow for them to be pulled apart at the hunt.

Happy egg hunting!

*You could trim these up better and really make them more egg shaped, but I thought they looked great with an imperfect rustic kind of look.


  1. What a great alternative to the plastic eggs

  2. Wow! Very cute and adorable. Awesome and perfect for the kids! I really loved the materials you put to complete the features the easter egg We did an Egg Carton Color Sorting Activity game out of the same materials you used. You should check it out! :) Preschool Egg Carton Color Sorting Activity