Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Playdough Fun

The garlic press, a new favorite.
Silicone baking cups, hooray!
Playdough is such a great go-to project for just about any day and any age! It offers children a great hands on sensory learning experience and opens doors for many imaginative play opportunities. I love homemade playdough because you can make it with natural ingredients and try different colors and scents. We also use different things around the house that get much more play time out of them then the massive plastic tools sold in the stores that seem to never work properly and cause a lot of frustration. 


Tips to inspire creativity with playdough

  • Give them kitchen tools like cookie cutters, a garlic press, baking sheets, measuring spoons, ice cream scoops, cupcake liners and even some flour.
  • Figurines added to playdough are great for the younger ones. 
  • Edibles like nuts (in shells,) coffee beans and sprinkles can be such fun for the little hands to place on playdough cookies and cakes.
  • Add oils like almond, lavender and vanilla and spices like cinnamon and nutmeg. A bonus in the sensory learning experience and who doesn't want their playdough cookies to smell delicious!  
  • Have your children use some natural elements like flowers, sticks and rocks from the yard for their playdough masterpiece. Great reason for a nature walk too!
 There are many homemade recipes out there. Here is the one I do for the fall, pumpkin playdough and a few basic ones here at Family Education.  
 This is our favorite. A basic lavender dough with a little bit of purple color and simple tools. Here Emma used walnuts and hazelnuts. This is what we call our "calming playdough."

Now go experiment with some dough!

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