Monday, May 14, 2012

Pretend Play - The Mommy Role

Over the next few weeks I want to share with you some different types of pretend play happening in our house. This kind of play is so important for a child to learn and grow socially and emotionally. I see my children develop techniques to deal with social dilemmas they may have, increase their vocabulary and learn to be nurturing and caring little citizens.
There are many ways to support this kind of play.

1. Play along. I always play along when my daughter has become a new character. She enjoys this so much and I love seeing what her little mind can think up.
2. Provide new tools. Things around the house (especially things that make them feel grown up) can provide hours of fun dramatic play.
3. Have your child participate in daily duties like writing the grocery list. This tends to spark some imaginative play in our house.

In this photo I have added a few extra supplies to the baby corner. I filled an empty wipes container with white felt cut into squares and baby brothers retired bottles. I also made the baby dolls their very own cloth diapers and caps using some old socks.

It doesn't take much to embrace this kind of play and it can be one of the best learning tools a child has.

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