Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Cardboard Creation- Pet Carrier

Since we seem to be in a cardboard craze in the crafting world these days I wanted to share with you a creation I recently crafted.
For Emma's 5th birthday a few weeks ago we gave her this very sweet handmade kitten from Magic Cabin. Well, she just has fallen in love with her kitty, Susie and with all that love comes many requests.

The list of needs for Susie the cat:
  • water bowl
  • food bowl
  • pretend felt cat food
  • blanket
  • bed
  • pet carrier 
  • winter jacket
  • feather stick cat toy
I have not fulfilled the entire list at the moment. Who new this gift would give me such a long list of creative chores to fill? But, I did make the pet carrier. I used an empty box of Huggies. I spotted the handles on the box sitting by recycling and new it would be perfect. So, along with a some pretty duct tape and an Xacto knife our pet carrier was made and it is getting much use. Susie is a busy gal after all. 

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