Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Olympics Fun- The Balance Beam

 With the Olympics in full swing we have been setting up many obstacle courses in our home. The kids love this sort of indoor play and they are so fascinated by the Olympics so they are very eager to swing and move just like they see the athletes do.

 About a month or so ago I built a balance beam for some extra gross motor fun in our playroom. I wish I could give you more specific instructions for this, but honestly my handy man at Lowe's was a huge help in this since I am not the most handy when it comes to building these sorts of things. But, basically I used one 8' piece of wood and had two 9"pieces and one 6" inch piece cut out of it at Lowe's.  I connected the two 9" to the ends and the 6" in the center for stability. I used those bracket things (sorry I did say not handy) to connect it all.

 I think I may have the kids paint it one day, but for now it has been a wonderful addition to our obstacle courses just as it is!

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