Sunday, October 7, 2012

Nature Fairy Wand

With Halloween just around the corner I thought this sweet wand would be a fun craft to get into the costume mood!
We love Flower Fairy books by Cicely Mary Barker. They are so sweet and magical. We read them for inspiration just before going on a walk to collect sticks for our wands.
Start by wrapping the stick in pretty ribbon. You can start it off with a little bit of glue to help keep it in place while you wrap. At the top of the ribbon we tied a small bow with an additional peice of ribbon to hold it in place.
Layer the top with glue and tissue squares.
We tied on a couple bells to give it an authentic "tinker."
With a set of wings this costume is perfect for an afternoon to enjoy the beautiful imagination of a five year old.


  1. Love these! What a fun idea! Going to make them for my daughters fairy birthday party. Question, how big were the tissue paper squares on top? and did you just layer one color on top of the other on the very top of the stick? tried one and didn't turn out this cute! what's the secret? Also, did you tie on the bells, or glue?

    1. Hi Hilarie, I would say the tissue paper was cut in about 2" squares. We just kept layering with a dab of glue to the top of the stick. I threaded the bells to a ribbon and tied them tightly to the top.
      Thanks for the comment and I hope these work well for the party!!

  2. These are so fun! I really want to make them for my daughters fairy birthday party. How big are the tissue paper squares? And did you just layer them right on top of the stick, one color on top of the other? I tried them and they didn't turn out this cute. Also, did you tie on the bells? ... or glue?

  3. Thanks so much! You are so creative! Have loved looking at all of your ideas! Thanks again :) Can't wait to try them out!