Friday, October 12, 2012

Shrunken Apple Heads!

I have been wanting to try these shrunken apple heads for a few Halloween's now, but at fear of traumatizing Emma - I had to hold back! This was my year. I showed her a photo first and her eyes lit up. Yes, my little weirdo loves this creepy craft just as much as I do!

 First get your apples peeled. Leaving the top and bottom peel to keep the apple sturdy.
 Now get to curving. We found some tools in the kitchen that worked well including a few pumpkin carving tools. A popsicle stick is good for little ones to etch away at their apple head.
 Getting creepy by the minute! At this point squeeze some lemon juice over them and place on a baking sheet. Now for the tough part...they have to go in the oven at 170 degrees for pretty much 2 days...or longer! We popped them in and would turn off the  oven when we left the house or went to sleep. They were really fun to keep checking on and see them transform, plus your house will smell like yummy fall apples.
 When they feel dry and like rubber they are done and ready to spook little siblings everywhere! You can add some pine needle hair, rice grain teeth or black bean eyes if you dare! We liked them just like this to add to our Halloween fright collection.
Emma likes to carry them around and talk to them in her witch voice. What have I done???
Happy Halloween!!

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