Friday, November 30, 2012

Advent Jar of Love, Compassion and Memories

 Tomorrow is December 1st! Really? I wish I could push pause for a little while and hold my babies at age 2 and 5 for a little longer, but I can't--so I will enjoy each moment to the absolute full extent that I can. I hope. I will!
For our Advent this year I wanted to do something with a little less sugar and a lot more compassion, meaning, love and memory making joy.
I cut 25 rounds out and wrote 25 holiday inspired activities on each.
The kids decorated clothespins to hold each round and we added them to a large jar.
Each day Emma and Grayson will pull out a clothespin and we will find out what festive activity we will be doing that day. You can add anything really. Things that you hope to do, but never get to. This is a way to force yourself. Here is what is in our jar...

1. Donate a coat.
2. Bake Christmas Cookies.
3. Make up your own Christmas carol.
4. Skype with family while wearing Santa hats.
5. Donate toys to a toy drive.
6. Make a Santa beard in the bath.
7. Donate a blanket to the animal shelter.
8. Go on a winter nature walk.
9. Find snow!
10. Visit reindeer.
11. Make a special dinner.
12. Drink hot cocoa.
13. Make a homemade gift.
14. Make a homemade card.
15. Watch The Elf.
16. Put on a Christmas play.
17. Make a snowflake.
18. Make an ornament.
19. Make a wish.
20. Snowball fight!
21. Bring cookies to a neighbor.
22. String popcorn.
23. Drive around and look at Christmas lights.
24. Write a letter to Santa.
25. Buy a poinsettia.

Wishing you the most special and memorable Advent ever!  
green owl mama


  1. I love the list of ideas you have for the advent calendar, thank you for sharing!

  2. Wow, this is really special. I love this idea very, very much. The children are involved the entire Advent season. This makes for rich memories and special time together as a family. Love it. Thanks for sharing.