Monday, November 26, 2012

Crafty Christmas Elves Kit, The Studio

The other day my daughter screamed with excitement as we checked the mailbox and found this fun little package inside. Our friends over at The Studio let us try out their Crafty Christmas Elves Kit and so far we are pleased!
When we opened up the cute little package Emma was thrilled to find everything she needed to make a sweet little elf and thought the instruction card was the best thing since ice cream, such a perfectionist that one!
She had me read her the instructions while she put her elf together. Beads and pipe cleaner are a definite win in our house.
This craft kit was really great for a Monday afternoon when I didn't have anything planned. Pulling out an envelope with everything I need for a fun holiday craft was wonderful and I say that from the bottom of this tired, thanksgiving hostess, room mom, laundry piled up, blogger mom's heart.
But, I have to say--best of all, was seeing the craft go from fun creating to fun pretending as our little elves got names (Jingle Jack and Noah) and they went on a fun elf adventure in our house on this Monday afternoon. That. Is. The. Best.
Check out this crafty kit and more at The Studio, by Kiwi Crate. It is really as easy as a click, buy and create (with a mailbox stop squeezed in there at some point!)

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