Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Cranberry Tie-Dyed Napkins for Thanksgiving

We made some beautiful tea towels and napkins for Thanksgiving this year. No toxic dye needed when you can make your own with cranberries! Head over to The Studio, by Kiwi Crate for my full tutorial.
Every step of this process was an overload of sensory fun for my children. We crushed cranberries with our hands and smelled the amazing aroma as they warmed. It was wonderful, pure joy!
They came out beautiful. Hope you will try cranberry dying this year! Cranberry Napkin Tutorial


  1. It is liberating to be able to STAIN something on purpose!! The results are so much more satisfying. i bet this would work with BLUEBERRIES too!!!!

    1. Funny, Lena! We first discovered this when my daughter stained her favorite SHRNK t-shirt with blueberries! Instead of tossing it we squished blueberries all over it and made it look sort of tie-dyed. Better then bleach! ;)