Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Lunch for Daddy - Teaching Healthy Choices

I teach my children to make healthy food choices everyday in the best way I know how....by making healthy choices for myself. It is simple and has worked liked a charm so far.

"Be the person you want your children to be."
Not sure who said that, but it is very true!

Inspired by a simple recipe I saw on a this great vegan blog yesterday, Oh She Glows; Emma and I made some lunches to go for Daddy. Easy, healthy, and sturdy salads are great to put in jars and take to work or the park. All you need is a fork.
Emma was super excited to prepare some lunches for her Daddy. She added all the ingredients to some large mason jars.
Next, she gave it a shake! This was a really fun way to get her involved in the kitchen. being around all these healthy fresh food options, learning to prepare healthy lunches and snacking all the way through.
When we were finished making our salads Emma made a sweet little tag to tie around the jars. Now that is a lunch that is good for your body and soul.

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