Tuesday, November 20, 2012

What I am Thankful for and Thanksgiving Day Prep

As I head to my kitchen (where I will very happily spend the next 24 hours) I will leave you with my last few details for Thanksgiving.
 A simple place card stamped with a wine cork to create a turkey. Fun. For. All. I tell ya! And I tell you this with my ink stained hands!
My kids table is set! It's pretty much the same each year. The art options just grow with the kids! We have our popcorn turkey, pumpkin pie play dough and markers galore. I cover the table with packing paper and make it inviting for all to color, draw or write a little note.
Gobble gobble! We made a turkey waddle tonight with some pipe cleaner and yarn. Cute, right? Confession: I always thought that red blob was called a gobbler....until my five year old corrected me tonight. So make a waddle and take some photos of your guests wearing their waddle!
 And lastly, my baby...my tablescape. Oh how I love a good tablescape, especially when my day to day life is filled with play dough, crayons and gluing q-tips to construction paper. Oh yes, I love the one day I get to have my grown-up table.
By using things around the house (and found in the yard) this beauty came together. Tip: just throw anything on there and see what happens!

This year I am so very thankful for faith, our new home, new town, new friends and having family here that welcomed us with open arms. Spending more time with them has been a blessing. I am thankful for my best-friend who makes me laugh and smile on a daily basis and I am so very thankful I get to call him my husband. I am thankful for my other best-friend who really does complete me, my sister. She knows how I feel before I do and for that I am grateful. I am thankful that my mom still worries about me when I am sick (and that I still call her when I'm sick) and that she gave my husband her manicotti recipe (with measurements) that I thought was only in her head! I am thankful for all of my family in CA that truly make me feel closer than I am. Which leads me to skype...oh how I am thankful for you.
 Oh so much to be thankful for (my brothers, in-laws, nieces, nephews...oh and my art cabinet!) But, of course my sweet babies--that bicker from sunrise to sunset, refuse to poo on the potty (the two-year old that is,) dirty more clothes than I own and make my heart feel more love than I ever imagined. For those two, thankful is no way close to how blessed I feel by them.

Happy Thanksgiving
green owl mama

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  1. Beautiful Melissa! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! Hugs to Emma from Scarlett!