Sunday, December 16, 2012

Holiday Gift for Teachers

 Isn't it a strange thing the first time you send your wee little one into the arms of another to be cared for, taught, nurtured and loved? I feel so blessed to have already (in our short school age days) had some amazing teachers in Emma's life. I always like to make sure our teachers know just how much we appreciate them.
Here are a couple extra special touches we added to the teacher holiday gift this year. The card above involved each child in the class. Over a couple weeks I some how got each child to answer this question "What gift do you hope Ms. Amanda gets for the holidays?" I wrote their gift wish for their teacher and they signed their names on round card stock pieces that I cut out with a paper punch. With a few extra touches a very special card came together and the kids sweet answers to this question were funny, touching, sweet and very thoughtful. It's always great to hear what five-year old's have to say.
 This frame was easily made with some chalkboard paint and allowed me to personalize a class photo for our amazing teacher.
Just throwing in a simple way to say Happy Holidays to the children's friends. Homemade play dough packaged nicely is always warmly welcomed in my house (especially over sugary treats!)

I hope you find wonderful ways to thank the people in our lives that take on the job of being there for our children in so many ways. I know for me I can never actually show how I appreciate these great people that make lasting impressions on my children.

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