Sunday, December 9, 2012

My Top Two Most Special Reindeer Crafts!!

The other day I took the kids to see real live reindeer! It was so magical and special. It feels almost like seeing a unicorn, honestly. This beautiful creature that you read about in all the Christmas stories, dress up as, dream about and turn clothespins into during the now standing in front of us and looking more amazing then we could have imagined. OK, OK I am getting a little deer crazy! But, seriously--I HEART REINDEER!
Which brings me to my top two very special reindeer crafts....
This sweet candy cane reindeer was made by my dear friend Arianna and her sweet boy Braden. I love these adorable candy cane reindeer's and it makes for the perfect school favor or party craft, but what makes this craft one of my two most special is all the love that I know went into making these Christmas treats. Even though Arianna is across the world this holiday season I see her making this Christmas the most special ever. Searching all of Korea to find candy canes and bringing Christmas cheer to places it may have never been. Now that is an awesome mama!
Arianna used brown tape to hold these guys together and hot glue to add on a festive red nose, googly eyes and topped it off with a darling ribbon. I love the possibilities of personalizing each one. Maybe even adding names.
My next special reindeer started out as a simple wooden spoon reindeer craft that probably most every child has made at some point, but quickly changed once I sat down with Emma. She added more materials to the pile I started and announced she had bigger plans for this reindeer of hers!
I love the free spirit artist in her. It makes me happy that I am raising a creative person who can think on her own and knows what she wants. Being different is awesome! Check out our full tutorial on these fun reindeer over at The Studio, by Kiwi Crate.
Yes, reindeer are special and so are children, celebrating the magic of Christmas.
I hope you make a reindeer today!
green owl mama

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