Saturday, February 2, 2013

Groundhog Rock

 Hooray! The groundhog has declared we will have an early spring!
 To celebrate this day we will make some cute groundhogs, of course! Best part about this craft is that it starts with a nature walk as we went out to hunt for the perfect pine cones and rocks to become our cute little critters.
 We covered each in glue and then wild rice. This was a bit tricky because the rice also wanted to stick to little hands. Maybe giving it a shake in a bag full of rice would be better next time. Since Grayson is a bit paranoid about things sticking to his hands and asked me every second of this project to remove each grain of rice from his little fingers.
 We added some eyes and our groundhog was born! Is he the cutest, or what? I must admit I have a little soft spot for these darling little ground diggers! OK, I have a soft spot for most little critters...with fur that is.

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