Sunday, March 3, 2013

Planting Shamrocks

 We are in full swing St Patrick's Day crafting over here! I think it is one of my favorite craft seasons. I don't know why...maybe the rainbows or the sweet shamrocks or the magical sense you seem to feel when reading stories about the two. Either way...I love it!
 After reading a few St Patrick's Day books we found at the library the kids decided they must find some shamrocks. We went on a "shamrock walk" in search of some luck and guess what? We found a whopping total of absolutely none! Apparently we don't have much luck in our yard or anywhere nearby our yard....that would explain last years garden situation.
 We set out to our local nursery and was pleasantly surprised to find all sorts of little clovers. We picked out our favorite and headed home to add the new lucky addition to our Irish abode (I'm not Irish, but I feel confident to say that because we really have no idea what my husband is and I'm sure there is some small amount of Irish in there somewhere.)
 The kids decorated the pots with colored masking tape (our new favorite addition to the art table.) We planted our little plants outside and was surprised by how emotional our new plant was. As soon as we started to move the clover plant all the little shamrocks closed up. It was very interesting to see and a great reminder to the kids and myself of how plants are living things too.
 Although, that didn't stop her from snatching one sweet clover off. It was bound to happen, I guess. At least it made for a sweet photo.
 After we finished planting we went inside and did a little research on our new plants. Did you know....
The word shamrock comes from the Irish word "seamrog" meaning "little clover". For more fun facts check out this page all about Shamrocks!
Hope this inspires you to plant some "shamrocks" this St. Patrick's Day!

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