Friday, April 19, 2013

12 Recycled Crafts for Kids

Earth Day is April 22! Perfect time to spend the weekend creating with recycled goods. Several years ago Emma and I created a box to add to our recycling center. We call it the ART BOX and use it to recycle anything we may want to use for art one day. This has been a wonderful addition to our home. It gets the kids thinking in creative ways and always looking at trash as treasure!
I made this Stamp Set for Emma last year. She loved stamping her name and I loved how easy it was to make with some wine corks and foam stickers.
Got shoulder pads? Here is a much better use for them. You can make a fun Jelly Fish or any creature your little one can dream up.
I have to say....Emma and I had a little too much fun with these adorable empty mint tins turned Tin Box Monsters! They are great for holding the kids found treasures now.
Yes, I purposely made a bell with my children. This Homemade Bell is a recycled yogurt container and has been a kick start to several fun games of imaginative play. It is surprising what a child can dream up with just a bell.
While you're saving those yogurt containers, here's another one, these Recycled Party Hats are made from various recycled goods including small yogurt cups and berry baskets.
We made some fun Bottle Top Magnets by just adding paint and googly eyes to a bottle top. It's fun to see them dry and transform into silly little creatures.
Got five minutes? Then you can make a super cute no-sew DIY Apron from an old pillowcase!
Emma thought of this one on her own! I loved the idea and she loved pretending to be working hard at her Egg Carton Computer!
These very cool and stylish bracelets were made from a plastic water bottle! Make your own Water Bottle Bracelet with just a few simple materials.
Who needs to buy pretend food? Just dig through those recycling bins! My kids always prefer the real stuff over the toys, so to make these packages kid durable I cover them in clear heavy duty packing tape. Check out my Pretend Play post for more details.
Are these cute or what? Oh the things you can do with a paper roll. The mini pom-poms on our Paper Roll Octopus were definitely the perfect finishing touch.

Hope you enjoyed a few of our favorite recycled crafts. It is a wonderful thing to give new life to something that would have just been tossed out. I love that my children can look at an old milk carton and see so much more. 
Happy Earth Day! 


  1. You are so innovative and creative! You know how I loooove a good recycled craft idea! I'm pinning this page. It's full of great ideas!
    Thanks for sharing on my page today, Melissa!

  2. I love your ideas! Thanks so much for linking to Share It Saturday! I am featuring your post tomorrow.

  3. These are great! I'm about to put together a 'random box' for my classroom, so I'm sure I'll be seeing lots of innovative art and play coming soon! Thanks for the ideas!