Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Earth Day Crafts

 Earth day is April 22 and the perfect time to talk with kids about caring for our earth. Using recycled items to make a few fun earth themed crafts is a great way start.  This one started out with a large yogurt lid and some leftover dried rice.
 Colored rice is a great addition to your art supplies and easy to make. Check out my full instructions here, Mosaic Earth Lid.
 A few months back a friend of mine shared a wonderful video with me about making hot rocks. Of course, I can't seem to find it now to share with you, but it was a beautiful tutorial that started with children collecting stones by the beach. They brought them home and warmed them in the oven to then use crayons on them to create beautiful colored stones.
 When the rocks are warm the crayons melt as you color them. This is one of our new favorite crafts to do. We decided using green and blue crayons would make the perfect earth rock. Check out more here, Earth Rock.
 Glass paints are a wonderful way to dress up old jars and votive holders for any occasion. I love how our earth glows!
 This will be lighting our table come Earth Day. Here are the details to making your own, Earth Luminary.
 Got a lot of paper scraps? We do! We turned them into an Earth Collage! Paper punches are a lot of fun for kids and gives them crafting confidence!
 Checkout out our Earth Collage and see how simple and fun this can be for young kids to do.
 This is one of my favorites from last year. Recycled Earth Day necklace!
Daddy helped out with a little bit of drilling, but Emma did the rest and wore her necklace very proudly for Earth Day.

Happy Earth Day!
green owl mama

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