Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Mightee Kids is Pretty Darn Cool!

 I wanted to share with you again Mightee Kids. I was introduced to them a few months back and have been so impressed with this wonderful concept that I want to share it again and again. I am a huge supporter of Sevenly and I love that my kids now have their own charity t-shirts, too. Yes, these t-shirts are pretty cool and the quality is amazing, but it goes beyond that.....
 Each t-shirt has a cause and comes along with these handy dandy tools to help teach children in a way that children can understand. It is teaching my children compassion in a entirely new way. It is not only making children aware, but giving them the confidence to make a change and that is what I love about this concept. I don't want to scare my children with the worries of the world at such a young age, but if I can give them the tools to feel like they are helping to change the world--I can definitly get on board with that!
 Last month our t-shirt helped Kids on Bikes, an organization that helps kids in low income neighborhoods earn their own bikes. Emma loved hearing about this charity. After wearing her t-shirt to school last week, she told me she was sharing with her friends what the shirt was all about. I love hearing that!
This cutie has on a shirt from a couple months ago. This cause was to support Canines for Kids. Helping children with physical and emotional disabilities get assistance dogs. Pretty awesome!
April, is Autism awareness month and this t-shirt supports the Autism Society. I can't think of a more perfect way to start showing our support and teaching our children that we can make a change. Check out Mightee Kids, I think they are pretty darn cool, indeed!
Check them out and help spread the word...
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