Thursday, May 9, 2013

Chocolate Bowl for Mother's Day

 Miss Fancy Pants was in absolute heaven when I announced we'd be making chocolate bowls! How perfect would these be for Mother's Day and you can fill them with all sorts of sweet treats. We did fresh berries, but you could even make a vanilla custard or ice cream to go inside! Yum!
 We blew our balloon up to a small size and gave it a good washing.
 Next I melted the chocolate and stirred it until it cooled a bit (not to pop the balloon.)
 She dipped her balloon right into the chocolate and placed it on wax paper.
 Into the freezer it goes. This was the hard part. I had to stand freezer guard while impatient wee ones tried to peek.
 We popped our balloon and pulled it out to reveal our beautiful chocolate bowl. The kids thought this was pretty cool.
 Are these fancy or what!? Yet, so easy to make. For more details check out my full tutorial over on Kiwi Crate.

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