Thursday, May 16, 2013

Easy Bird Feeder Crafts

 Making offerings to our sweet backyard birds is a great way to teach children about nature and compassion for all living creatures. It is something I have done with the kids since they could walk. Here is an easy one to start with. The Pine Cone Bird Feeder is the perfect bird feeder for little ones to make with confidence. All you need is a pine cone, string, nut butter (you can use sun butter if your child has allergies) and birdseed.
 First, we used a small spoon to get the butter into all the crevices of the pine cone.
 This was the fun part--into a bag of birdseed it goes! Shake, shake, shake! This went on for quite awhile.
Pretty proud of his little bird feeder. We tied it to a tree in the yard right near a window and it didn't take long before we saw sweet little birds stopping by for a snack. The kids loved watching their success! We first tried this feeder when Emma was given all the supplies as a gift from a good friend. Isn't that a sweet DIY gift? I thought so!
 This started out as a salt container. With a few cuts (by me) and some pretty details (by Em) this little house came together very nicely.
 We used a found branch for the perch, cute, right? Even cuter when we saw it being used by the sweetest little bird.
 Windows and flowers are a must for any bird house!
We filled it with birdseed and hung it in a tree with some floral wire. For all details check out my full tutorial here, Salt Container Bird Feeder.
 So, this Slinky Snacker started out as a little treat holder for our backyard squirrels, but we were surprised when it was emptied by another local friend.
 Using a slinky and pipe cleaner we filled our snack holder with peanuts and used twine to hang it from a tree.
This beautiful bird spent all afternoon taking every single peanut out, shelling it and bring them to her nest only to return for more until every peanut was gone. Wow! What a great way to observe nature. I hope you are inspired to feed the birds today!


  1. You are so creative! I love every one of these feeders! How on earth did you ever think to use a slinky?!! Pinning this to my nature board. Thanks so much for sharing it with us today. It's just a beautiful post.

    1. Jackie! You just made my morning! Thank you for your sweet comment. :)

  2. You must have so very happy wildlife in your neighborhood! :)