Friday, June 21, 2013

Confetti Votive

 I just can't seem to get rid of jars. They have so many fun possibilities. We made these Festive Confetti Jars for the 4th of July. They were really easy and look so festive and fun when we set them outside with candles lit in each one.
 It's always fun for me to start projects like this without inviting the kids over. Once they get a peek at the cool materials I have out they just can't stay away. It's sort of my way of leaving that open invitation out for them to join me in creating, only if they want to. On this day they sure did! Who could resist that interesting mix above.
 Emma joined me and helped to mix some mod podge and confetti together. She had no idea what I was planning, but she's a girl who loves to mix things up, so she was fine with this job.
 I rummaged through our jar collection and pulled out a few. I think our backyard dining table will look great with a few of these in different sizes.
 Look how cool it already looked? You can cover them as much as you'd like. We went up a little more than half way on this jar. Using stencils to make shapes on the jars would be fun, too.
Now that is a good use for a pickle jar!

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  1. What a beautiful project for the 4th! My son loves to come and see what I'm up to anytime a craft is started, too! Thanks so much for sharing at Stress-Free Sunday! I'll be featuring you this weekend.