Saturday, June 29, 2013

Firework Headband and 4th of July Visor Craft

 Emma is a girl who loves to accessorize! I should probably not support this habit (that everyone curses us are gonna be in trouble with that one!) But, it's just so darn cute to watch her each morning rummage through her baskets of bracelets and "match" them up to her little outfit. So, for the 4th of July we had to, of course, make a few accessories.
 This cool Firework Headband was easy to put together. We twisted a bundle of three pipe cleaners to each side of the band. The sparkly one was a fun addition!
 At the top, we used a pencil to curl each pipe cleaner.
 That's it! Emma loves this fun festive headband.

 Our Fourth of July Visor Craft is a great party craft for kids. It comes together really easily with a few foam or felt stickers and glitter glue. A lot of fun for all ages to make.

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