Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Patriotic Rocks

 OK, summer is already moving way too fast for me and it's not even July yet! Since moving to a place where summer is so celebrated (rain, rain go away....) I just want to dive in and embrace every little wonderful thing that makes up summer. Watermelon slices (Yes, I always cubed it in the past, big difference,) barbeques, road trips, beach weekends and lemonade stands! I want to do it all and I want it to go as slow as possible. Too much to ask?
 Independence Day is just around the corner and we are getting ready for it. We made these fun Patriotic Rocks and I have to say it was one of those crafts that I really got into as well. Love when that happens! We painted our rocks using red, white and blue acrylic paints. The colors really stood out nicely.
I think we will scatter these on our tables outside during our July 4th barbeque.
Happy Summer!!


  1. These are very effective - you could dust off those Easter baskets and go on a 'rock' hunt! Thank you for sharing with We Love Weekends