Monday, September 30, 2013


This video above is a trailer from the documentary Midway. It has been heavy on my heart since I first came across it a few weeks ago. This is the reason I am feeling compelled to share it on my normally very lighthearted blog. 

Here is a little bit about the journey of this film:

Midway Atoll, one of the most remote islands on earth, is a kaleidoscope of geography, culture, human history, and natural wonder. It also serves as a lens into one of the most profound and symbolic environmental tragedies of our time: the deaths by starvation of thousands of albatrosses who mistake floating plastic trash for food.
The images are iconic. The horror, absolute. Our goal, however, is to look beyond the grief and the tragedy. It is here, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, that we have the opportunity to see our world in context. On Midway, we can not deny the impact we have on the planet. Yet at the same time, we are struck by beauty of the land and the soundscape of wildlife around us, and it is here that we can see the miracle that is life on this earth. So it is with the knowledge of our impact here that we must find a way forward.

The devastating truth in this video has impacted me in so many ways. My stroll in the market has changed as I feel like I am about to enter a confrontation with each and every piece of plastic waste in the store. And what do you do? What do I do? One person in this very large world. I debated showing this video to my 6-year-old. This is not my usual parenting ways. I never want to burden my children with the aches of the world before they have the tools to change the world, but this topic I felt was different. This wastefulness that our world has come accustomed to can be changed by our children. That is where I found hope.

I never showed my innocent wee ones this video, I didn't want to break their little hearts, but I am taking a stand to not only lead by example, but also educate  my children on what exactly is happening in this world and how they can make a change. It's small steps, but hopefully many small steps will lead us to many big changes.

Please take a moment to check out Midway and their incredible journey.

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  1. Education is action! (in my opinion--small steps, yes)