Wednesday, October 9, 2013

DIY Costumes--Bird Wings

 Over the next few weeks I want to share a few simple ways to make DIY Halloween costumes with simple materials around the house.
I think my daughter wears some sort of costume accessory every single day. I am guessing most 6-year-olds are this way and I don't know about you, but it gets me having to think outside of the box in order to fulfill her daily requirement for changing character!

 These bird wings were created when Emma assumed that a feather boa was for a really fancy bird (because why would anyone wear feathers unless they could fly, of course.) Made sense to me and with a few safety pins we figured out just how a really fancy bird would use a bright blue feather boa.

 I pinned each end of the boa to each wrist of the shirt.

 Another two pins were used to attach to the upper back and THAT IS IT!

This was not on Halloween, but it was on a very fantastically ordinary day that we all dressed liked fancy birds and flew through the yard doing what fancy birds do (building fancy nests, of course.)

I wanted to share this because it is very simple and made for a beautiful day full of beautiful little imaginations at work. There is not much better than that. I can see this becoming a great costume paired with a simple feather mask and blue leggings.

I also shared this craft over at Kiwi Crate. Happy Halloween crafting!!

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