Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Tile Art

 When we came across some tiles that were at a local home warehouse recycling center, I grabbed a handful with absolutely no idea what to do. When Em and I started experimenting by decorating the tiles with permanent markers, we were amazed at how beautiful they came out. These tiles are a simple (and gorgeous!) gift!

 All you need for this craft is a few tiles and permanent markers. So easy and you can turn these into trivets, coasters or just a fun wall hanging. This is a great homemade gift the kids can make for family.

 We discovered that drawing a black outline first really made the colors pop. The kids personalized some for grandparents. I know their little drawings will be treasured.

 Even the little guy could join in on this project.

OK, so I got a little involved in this one myself. They are a bit addicting. This was a really fun art project to do as a family. The kids didn't need much guidance and I enjoyed it just as much as they did. We will be doing this one again very soon!

I shared this full tutorial over at Kiwi Crate.

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  1. How beautiful! These gifts are going to be a big hit at Christmas time!