Sunday, December 15, 2013

DIY Bubble Necklace

 Today Em has woke up early and headed into our art room for some major gift crafting time. She has a long list of ideas and has that creative look in her eyes that makes a mama proud! I think we might just stay in the art room all day long.

 Since we are in homemade gift mode at the moment I thought I would share this favorite of ours that is perfect for a friend, cousin or anyone that loves to get fancy! Best of all you don't need much to make this great gift--a few large wooden beads, twine, acrylic paint (we like shimmery colors,) a paint brush and a paper cup.

 The paper cup is helpful to paint the wooden beads all at once without them rolling all over the place.

 Once they are covered pretty well we laid them on a piece of cardboard to dry and touched up a few spots with paint.
A little twine brought our very cool bubble necklace to life! I think that's pretty good for a DIY gift, don't you?
We have made a few of these now and it is a lot of fun to experiment with new paint colors. A favorite of mine was the black and white (aka zebra necklace) that Em made for a friend. We also tried some florescent colors that were a big hit!
Happy gift crafting!

I shared this and many more homemade gift ideas over at Kiwi Crate

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