Thursday, January 9, 2014

Watercolor Bookmarks

 February is around the corner and I have been brainstorming ideas for no-candy Valentines. I hope to share a few over the next couple of weeks. These bookmarks are great because you can recycle some artwork to become the bookmarks if you have some extra on hand (and we all know if you have young children, you have some artwork to spare!)

 On this day we painted a few special paintings specifically for the bookmarks. Using watercolors and card stock. Your child will also need scissors, a hole punch, contact paper and yarn.

 Em painted a few abstract paintings. We absolutely love these metallic watercolors that we found at our local used art supply store recently. They give a great effect with lots of shimmer. I believe they are made by Prang.

 Once the paintings were dry we cut the card stock into bookmark size strips and laid them onto the sticky side of a sheet of contact paper. Next, we covered them with another sheet of contact paper to seal and cut each one out leaving a small edge of the contact paper around each bookmark.

 I helped Em to punch a hole at the top of each and we picked the perfect yarn to add to each one.

 A simple knot on each of our bookmarks and we were done. She really enjoyed making these and using them.

 Art and literacy--all in a days work!

Don't you think these would make a great Valentine? You could even add little heart stickers or stick to colors like red, white and pink. So many ways to make these for your Valentine!

I shared this and other Valentine crafts over at Kiwi Crate.

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