Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cheerio Fun!

Yesterday I came across a very huge box of cinnamon Cheerios, I know, who knew there was such a thing? Well, of course this ended up being the only thing to possibly keep my monkey of a one year old seated in the shopping cart for longer than thirty seconds. When we got home with enough Cheerios to feed the neighborhood I knew we must make some Cheerio art!
I dumped some into a big container, tossed some shovels and bowls in and Grayson was very excited to eat, shovel, crunch and throw these wonderfully smelling little guys all over the place. What a great sensory experience for the little ones.
For Emma, I pulled out the mortar and pestle and let her get to work. This is one of her favorite tools. She crushed until she could crush no more. Once she was done we used some glue and made Cheerio pictures. They smell great! This was a great way to keep both kids entertained at once and have a little snack at the same time.

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