Thursday, November 10, 2011

Martinmas Celebration

We celebrated Martinmas for the first time last year after a friend had filled me in on the wonderful story and celebration. It was a wonderful evening to spend as a family, but this year Emma can understand the meaning of the story now which makes it so much more meaningful for all of us.
We read the story together today as we made our lanterns. I told Emma it would be her job to tell Daddy the story and what it was we were celebrating. I find this to be very helpful in teaching her. She listened very seriously taking it all in to be sure to get every detail back to Daddy. We also talked about ways we can help someone less fortunate on this special day. We decided that we would donate some warm clothing to someone in need. Emma said she would give her entire jacket to a little girl because she did not want to keep half (if you read the story you are likely having a laugh.)
We made lanterns using glass jars and squares of colored tissue paper. We painted them on with glue that we watered down. For the handles we used floral wire. To keep Grayson safe (glass and fire, not so good for a one year old) and also a part of our lantern walk I cut the top off of a plastic water bottle and had him fill it with the tissue squares (flames.) He was happy he got to craft along with us. I punched holes in the bottle to add a handle for him.
Tomorrow we will donate some clothing, cook dinner together and before our lantern walk Emma will tell us the story of Martin. I plan to make this a permanent tradition in our home. I hope you will too.

The story
Some good info on the festival

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