Sunday, November 13, 2011

Paper, plastic, glass.....ART!

Today we spent the afternoon decorating a box that we will add to our line up of recycling bins. It's purpose is for anything that we can recycle and use for art. I decided this would be a good idea after running out of places to hide paper towel rolls and jars. So many things can have a second life in your art projects. Besides the paper rolls and jars other things that are great to reuse for art are berry baskets, milk containers (all sorts and sizes,) egg crates, mint tins, newspaper, pretty wrapping paper (can be reused as scrapbook paper) and really anything that you can cut, paste, glue and color! It's fun to see what Emma chooses to go into the "art" box.
We also put some newspaper to good use this weekend for a special someones birthday. Using newspaper for gifts is more affordable, creative and earth friendly. You can dress it up with stickers and ribbon. Emma had such pride in this wrapping after spending the morning making it herself.
Go create a beautiful recycled piece of art today!

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