Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Homemade Gifts- Memory

This year we are really trying to do as many homemade gifts as we can. I think it is important to show children that not everything comes from the "big red bulls eye." By creating gifts with their own hands, creativity and lots of love it allows them to appreciate the process of making something special for each person they love and removes the commercial big box store out of this holiday (well, at least for the kids.) Take that marketers! You will not take over my child's imagination with your psychedelic million dollar campaigns!

We made our own memory game this week using these sweet little wood kraft rounds, stamps and a little wooden box to hold it all. Took us under ten minutes to complete. A very special little girl in our lives is going to love this.

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  1. Wonderful!Thanks so much for sharing! Lyn Anne Cooper: Author: "Henry the Prickly Porcupine"