Saturday, December 3, 2011

Snowman Flag

Isn't it wonderful when your child finds a true connection in a friend. Four year old friendship is the sweetest. It melts my heart to see Emma and her best friend Brock laugh together, be completely honest with each other, adore each other and most of all...truly love each other. I know there will be many friends in my children's lives, but it's these special connections that will be held in my heart forever.
Brock joined us after school on Friday for some fun holiday art. We made potato stamped snowman flags. We used feathers to make the cute little top hats and when I was interrogated by two four year olds of why a snowman would have such a hat, it suddenly became story time. I told told them a story of a poor snowman who lost his hat with the wind and after a long search his friend the hen made him a feather hat. Talk about some serious improv!

wood craft sticks (think these were 12"long)
ribbon or twine
hot glue
white paint
1 large potato
dried peas/pasta
pipe cleaner
tacky glue

Adult part-cut the burlap into a rectangle about a foot long and 10 inches wide (this depends on how long the kraft stick you use is.) Use hot glue to attach burlap to the stick, folding the burlap over and attaching it to itself with the glue. Then tie two 12" ribbons or twine to the ends and bring together to tie into a bow.
Now the fun part. Cut your potato into 3 pieces to create 3 different sized round stamps. Let the children dip the potatoes into the white paint and stamp the snowman on the burlap. Let dry for few minutes and then add the buttons, feather hat, dried peas/pasta and pipe cleaner arms using tacky glue. This will need to lay flat and dry overnight. Great gift for Grandma!


  1. lovely idea! this is now on my list for handmade gifts for grammy! thanks.

    The Art Stork .etsy .com

  2. Cute!! These would be a great classroom project to make with my daughter's kindergarten class!

  3. Cute! I may do this project with my pre-schoolers in an upcoming library program.