Friday, December 2, 2011

Windy Day Art!

Windy is an understatement for what we experienced here in Montrose yesterday. I was expecting to see a house land in my yard at any moment. We survived and found a way to embrace that crazy wind with some windy art, of course.
First we watered down some paints in four different cups. The kids dipped straws into the paint and blew the colorful water on card stock and anything else that got in their way. It got pretty silly with Grayson at one point becoming Emma's canvas. Our cards came out so colorful and pretty. Emma decided to use one for her letter to Santa.

By the end of the day knowing I must brave this wind and get these children some fresh air we made a pinwheel to go test mother nature. It started out as an average pinwheel until Emma wanted to make the biggest pinwheel in the world! Well, this was the biggest one she has seen at least. Pinwheels are pretty easy to make.
Square sized paper
thumb tack

Fold your paper in half diagonally twice. Then unfold and cut down the lines almost to the center, leaving about an inch uncut. Then simply just fold every other point to the center and stick you tack through attaching to the pencil eraser behind. Take outside and let the wind do the rest.

Success!!!! Hooray!!!

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