Sunday, January 22, 2012

Good-bye Stationary for Friends

 Good-byes are so hard, especially when you are four and unable to actually comprehend why your family seems so sad to see you go or why your mom is constantly talking about making new friends. As we approach our moving day I try to make things a little easier for Emma to understand.
Today we made stationary sets to give to all of her classmates on her last day at her current school. This project brought up many questions and really got her thinking about what this move really means. It was a good time for us to talk about our new journey and for me to answer all her many four year old questions. Receiving mail from her old friends will be both exciting and comforting for her once we move.
I cherish these little friendships that my children make. It's where they learn to play, share, disagree, love and many other lessons of life that will be a part of making them who they will become.

We found blank cards and envelopes and put a couple in each cello bag along with stickers. We also included a little farewell note from Emma along with her new address. We folded the cello bag over and closed with a sticker. I think these would also be great as a gift for family or friends that live far away. It helps children learn a great step at staying connected even when afar.

We made a special little set for her teachers. Oh goodness, good-byes are never easy.


  1. These are so adorable. What a great idea to get Emma used to the idea that the move will be here shortly. We will miss you!

  2. So cute and a fantastic idea I agree. Where did you get such cute stickers?

  3. Paper Rabbit has the cutest stickers. I have way too many stickers after living a few blocks away. ;)