Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Name Stamp

The other day I was at the dentist sitting in the waiting room with such excitement, kidding. The wait was much longer than expected, as I flipped through a Family Fun magazine I found this great craft. Emma is really into writing her name right now on everything we own. I thought this would be a lot of fun for her.

wood block (I didn't have one, so I used an old eraser)
fabric paint
ink pad (we love Melissa & Doug ink pads)

First I wrote Emma in marker on a thin sheet of paper so I could flip it over to use as a guide for writing her name backwards. The magazine suggested using a pencil and rubbing off the name on the wood block. Then I used the fabric paint to write her name on the eraser. I did this once, let it set for a few hours and then did another layer and let it dry over night. The next day we got to stamping. We started with her name stamp and eventually made some finger stamp and even hand stamp pictures. After all it was a brand new fun rainbow ink pad that was just screaming to be broken in!

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