Thursday, January 5, 2012

Magic Water Beads!

I had been hearing of these wonderful water beads for a while now. I finally stumbled upon them in Joanne Fabrics yesterday afternoon. They are in the floral section, normally used to hydrate flowers and fancy up vases. Not today though, today we shall scoop, squish, stir and enjoy the fun in these round little gems.
First you add the tiny little colorful beads to a bowl of water. The package has exact measurements on it, but I took a rough guess. You need a lot of water as they expand quite a bit. We did this step before Emma left for school. It takes a few hours for them to grow and I wanted it to be a nice after school surprise for her to see what had happened.

This was so much fun to just move your hands around in the bowl and I added some scoops and an ice tray for Emma to enjoy. The package says nontoxic, but I still kept a close eye on Grayson while he was elbows deep in this bowl. I am not sure I want him digesting these little expanding balls.


  1. That's it?So all that was done with them was to see them grow? Didn't you do anything with them afterwards??

    1. Hello Anonymous,
      Water beads are a wonderful way to explore sensory play. If you read above my children used scoops, bowls, spoons and their two hands to explore these great new tools for sensory play. Similar to what a child would do with sand in a sand box, but with a new material. Sometimes just simply letting children use their imagination and play is truly special.

    2. I agree Green Owl Mama. Sometimes I think we work too hard trying to make activities a "teaching moment" when sometimes what is needed is just facilitating. Although, I did think the ice trays would most likely "facilitate" sorting by colors or counting.