Saturday, February 4, 2012

Love is in the Air! Valentines Mobile

We jumped into our first Valentines Day craft this week. Our sweet little mobile will be a symbol of all the love in the air this month and always.

contact paper
decorative goods- we used sprinkles, foil hearts cut off of garland and feathers
2 branches

First I drew different sized hearts on the non-sticky side of the contact paper. Then I exposed the stickiness and let Emma go to work decorating. This child would like to use sprinkles for every project we do, so she was thrilled when she suggested sprinkles and I said yes! Once she was finished we covered the hearts with another sheet of contact paper and cut out all of the hearts. We attempted to use our cute little heart punch to punch holes for the yarn and discovered contact paper is hole punch resistant. Cutting out little holes worked fine. Then we tied the hearts to the yarn. We broke a big branch we found at the park yesterday in half and connected it with the same yarn and tied our heart strands to it, more yarn on top to hang and our first Valentines Day craft of the season was complete.
Wishing you all much love.


green owl mama


  1. I tried this today and boy is it hard getting that second sheet on!

    1. Really? I used a really big sheet so it was ok that my edges didn't match. Is that what was hard?