Monday, February 6, 2012

Heart in my hands Valentine

We made Valentines today to send to our family. We started out with some canvas cards and stamped it with both Emma and Grayson's hand print.

Grayson was not this happy two minutes prior when he wanted no part of our guided art. He had his own plan, which he did get to do after we snagged that hand for a minute. Of course as I wrestled my little guy I was also so proud of the artist independence he was displaying.

We got it! All seven cards done.
We found this beautiful wrapping paper at the art store over the weekend.
Emma has been so proud of her new heart drawing talent. This is a skill she has been working on for the past year and a half and all it took was a little rhyme I finally gave her "point up, two humps and kiss." I had her draw hearts on the back of our pretty papers and I cut them out for the Valentines. They are imperfectly perfect. I love that girl and I will love these hearts forever.

After I cut all the hearts out Emma proudly mod podged them onto our canvas boards.

That paper was just too pretty to throw scraps out. I cut them up into confetti and she glued a heart collage on the extra boards.