Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Alternative to candy Valentine- Stuck on You!

Yes, I am that mother. That one that brings the Valentines without the candy. I know....I remember thinking as a child "man, that mom is lame! Where's my candy?!" Or something along those lines. But, as mother I see it happen with each holiday; kids get loaded up on sugar at parties, from relatives...ect. and you end up having a sugar hyped cranky child left with candy wrappers at the end of the special day. I know it's inevitable for most school celebrations to go like this, but what I hope to do is to help some fellow mamas out and provide a fun little craft that their children can do to unwind after the long day of fun. So here is a fun Valentine idea that we sent to the kids cousins and besties this year. Glue heart necklaces!

small bottles of white glue
food color
festive paper
double sided tape
card stock
wax paper (about 8"x10")
yarn (2 pieces cut long enough for a necklace)

First you need to color your glue. To do this you will add a few drops of food color and use a skewer or chopstick to stir (may help to squeeze a bit out first.) Then give it a good shake. Next cover the label on the bottle with pretty paper using the tape. I cut out a heart out of card stock and wrote "stuck on you" for the front of the bottle and on the back I used the same card stock and wrote some quick instructions. Attach both of those with the tape. Next fold your wax paper into a rectangle the size of the glue bottle and place behind the bottle as you wrap the yarn around the bottle to create a nice little package.

Necklace instructions for back:
Make a solid heart on the wax paper using your colored glue. Let dry 1 day. Peel off of wax paper, punch a hole in center and thread onto yarn. Enjoy your Valentine necklace!